Products Diagnocat

Diagnocat presents a range of AI‐based solutions tailored to the different needs of your dental practice:


A platform for storing and managing DICOM files of the clinic's patients with the option to generate and print reports.

  • Upload multiple DICOM files simultaneously.
  • Generate the required report type.
  • Store and manage the DICOM files of all patients.
Implant Study

A dental professional uploads a CBCT image, chooses the area of interest on the dental formula and receives a radiology report with slices and measurements in the implant area.

  • A panoramic tomography image with enhanced maxillary canal and sinuses.
  • Cross-sectional images of the area of interest with the option of making measurements and annotations.
  • Generates a report with the clinic's contact details which can be stored or handed to the patient.
Endo Study

A dental professional uploads a CBCT image, chooses the area of interest on the dental formula, and obtains a series of slices: axial, cross-sectional canal shape, periapical lesions, C-shaped root canal, and root furcation.

  • Assess the root canal system anatomy.
  • Evaluate endodontic pathology.
  • Generate a report which can be stored or handed over to the patient.
Radiology Report

A dental specialist uploads a CBCT image, the algorithm then generates a radiology report pre-filled with a description of the dental anatomy, identified disorders and conditions, and an extended series of slices. The dentist can print, show or send the report to the patient.

  • AI diagnosis: A dental formula with a report, where abnormalities are highlighted with the option to view the diagnosis for each tooth
  • Automatically created cross-sectional images for all teeth.
  • Generates a radiology report with the company's logo (10X faster dental CBCT interpretation).