We make dental diagnostics error-free

Diagnocat is artificial intelligence for the interpretation of dental computed tomography images.

What it does

Automatically and quickly generates a quality cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) description for the physician.

Understands the anatomy of dental roots and canals. Creates radiologist‐level panoramic tomography images and slices, precisely and fast.

Helps the physician establish an accurate diagnosis and monitor treatment plans at all stages.

Quickly generates various types of reports to help the physician save time and provide a rationale for the patient's treatment plan

How it works

1. Upload CT

CBCT image is easily uploaded in DICOM format

2. Analysis

Diagnocat neural network recognizes the maxillofacial anatomy, conditions, and abnormalities within 3 minutes

3. Get Insights

It provides panoramic and cross-sectional tomography images of utmost informative value for measurements and diagnosis

4. Report

The radiology report with descriptions and images of the teeth of interest can be viewed from any device

It only takes 3 minutes for Diagnocat to identify the main anatomical areas and classify them by 122 features (normal, filling, crown, implant, periodontitis, etc.).

Why us

The Artificial Intelligence was trained using over 20,000 dental computed tomography images.

The algorithm is based on the most advanced computer vision technology - 3D convolution neural networks.

The software is developed in collaboration with the world's leading experts in maxillofacial radiology and dentistry.